The Toucan Times (15 copies) – BA5




This newspaper for KS1 children provides factual information on the Amazonian rainforest in an engaging and stimulating way, children will read the paper and not realise that they are learning! The stories are about facets of the rainforest’s geography and development. The paper encourages an enquiry approach.

The paper considers climate change, rainforest clearance for cattle ranching, living in a marginal area, and conflicting aspirations. The newspaper can also be used as reading materials to support the English curriculum and help the children develop a positive view of reading and act as a spur for writing. This is one newspaper which is part of B&C Educational’s suite of newspapers from around the world, The Serrekunda Enquirer (Gambia), The Toucan Times (KS1 rainforest), The India Enquirer, The China Enquirer, St Lucia Enquirer

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