bakau ield trp 1Despite the random rumours emanating from WEst Africa, there are still no ebola officially recognised in The Gambia and the Global Dimension Partnership trip scheduled for mid November is going ahead. The Gambia has suffered from the ebola scare as fewer tourists have visited and there is less work for all people in the tourist-based industries. Neverthless we are doing our bit. We are holding a human rights respecting conference with the children in a lower basic school, we are sharing CPD with the association of Islamic teachers, and working with a large group of trainee teachers. The photo shows pupils from a lower basic school undertaking fieldwork in the Bijilo Forest Reserve, we shall be doing similar activities with another school at Abuko Nature Reserve this time. Some accompanying school teachers will be furthering their school partnerships and others hoping to embark on new partnership journeys. Our party of fourteeen educationalists will be employing two guides and three drivers during our sojourn. We will be visiting farms, recycling ‘factories’, batik makers and buying from the craft markets. Our next scheduled trip is in March please get in touch if you are interested in joining our ventures.