As teachers, it is essential that we allow the values of internationalism to be passed on to our students. We need to discover key concepts that support global learning and learn how to introduce them as part of our lessons in order to successfully teach students about the world.

Taking the opportunity to engage our students in cultures and perspectives beyond their immediate environment is what defines a successful international education but also keep in mind that it is important to balance this with a positive approach to encourage students to have beneficial impact in the world.

We have listed some ways on how we can introduce global learning to students inside the classroom:

Introduce new cultures
There are so many ways to spark interest such as showing the children artefacts from different cultures and assigning reading tasks relating to different countries.

Talk about world events
Many teachers believe that discussing current world events in the classroom is an effective way to introduce global learning to their students. What better way to engage children than to talk about the morning news or even a common topic such as sport?

Celebrate a new holiday or tradition
Celebrations are always fun for young children so why not discover some traditions and customs of festivals or holidays around the world and let the children experience them? Research the background of these celebrations and try to invite some people who celebrate the specific festival, you could also include related crafts and foods.

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