The Paris Basin Region



The Paris Basin Region is one of a series of publications, which provides the busy primary teacher with the planning and resources to deliver their own exciting and stimulating geography lessons while keeping strictly to the National Curriculum requirements. The laminated A3 leaflet opens to review an overview of planning in tabular form.  The subject knowledge is provided so that non-experts can deliver lessons that are stimulating and challenging for the children. Copies of all the handouts, PowerPoints and further Teacher Guidance notes are included on the key (an USB memory stick).  Teachers may use the overview in a number of ways, they might consider each section to be a short topic, or a series of lessons, or they might select just one or two of the subjects. The Observed Learning Outcomes are designed to assess the children’s progress and are loosely based on the SOLO taxonomy approach (Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes). Above all the scheme is easy to use and affordable. The complete series will provide NC Geography coverage but teachers can make choices to suit the needs of their children.

At KSI the National Curriculum states “..understand geographical similarities and differences through studying the human and physical geography of a small area of the United Kingdom and a small area in a contrasting non-European country.”   

At KS 2, the National Curriculum states “..understand geographical similarities and differences through the study of the human and physical geography of a region of the United Kingdom, a region in a European country and a region in North and South America.”

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The Paris Basin Region


This publication helps children investigate life and work in Paris and the Paris Basin.  Paris is a major European capital city, a cultural centre with iconic landmarks visited by tourists from all over the world.  The Paris Basin is the agricultural heart of France

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