Teaching young kids and keeping them interested is no mean feat. This is especially true when you are introducing a complex topic, such as geography. Children have a short attention span. It is natural for them to get bored easily. This is why it is crucial to always keep learning exciting and fun for them until the end of the lesson.

Here are some helpful tips.

Use colourful visuals
Kids are highly visual creatures. They are always drawn to colourful drawings and photographs. Arouse their curiosity and hunger for knowledge about the world by showing them vibrant photos of the country you want them to learn about.

Make it simple to remember
Turn complex facts or history trivia into little nuggets of learning that your young students can easily remember. Tell them the information again and again, and let them repeat after you. Sooner or later, they have memorised it already and can recall it effortlessly when you ask them.

Play games
Whether it’s playing dress up in traditional costumes, a puzzle of the map of the world, or a pop quiz, playing fun games will effectively help communicate geography to children. The association of creative and informative games to geography will also make them excited about future lessons.

Make them watch videos
Documentaries or educational videos about different countries around the globe is another way to teach geography to kids. This allows them to see the different attractions the country is famous for, the people and the rich culture.

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